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We develop, distribute, and license film products. As well as produce content for clients and trusted partners.
Currently developing our first in-house feature animation and doing post-production/animation for two new Netflix titles.

Animation Shows

More is always better!

We’ve developed over 6 shows over the years and are working on a few killer projects right now!
Serial storytelling is a huge passion of ours!
We develop personal shows and help others produce theirs.
Here we really have your back, we love writing stories, designing worlds, directing adventures, creating complex rigging systems, and bringing life to magical creatures, that will become your best friends.

Learn what not to do,
from some lame gangsters!
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Watch our personal educational show
– Pillow Fort.

Pillow Fort
Raspberry P.I.

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Short Films & Ads

Talk to me in colors!

Exceptional vision needs to be communicated in the right way.
We can get closer to your target and truly connect, with a film full of powerful emotion, made especially for them.
We offer a wide variety of commercial services, to brands that fit our values. 
Just reach out!

See how we helped a vocal therapist show she understands her patients.

Your Voice Matters

Check out Cubo – an app that will help you live an organized minimal life.

Cubo App

We made the fairytale environment come to life in this children’s book reading.

Your Voice Matters

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Music Videos

Let’s combine our vibes in an amplitude tsunami!

In these over-saturated with content times, even great music too often doesn’t reach its potential. Here is where a killer music film can really make all the difference!
Give your fans something different, something special!

Watch my film – Obliteration – made with the amazing band – Filter!
Here is what ReGen Magazine write about it.

Obliteration – Filter (Official Music Video)


Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Fan)


Godsmack – Surrender – (Fan)


Visit the full gallery for more awesome work.

About Me

Animation Filmmaker

Hi, I’m Atanas Shopski

I’m a kid who found a passion in art so strong, that it forced me to build my own world, where I can finally be myself as a creator.

Despite every ‘no’ along the way, I found a hidden path, and it took me on a magical journey through life.
Enriched with extreme dramatic and euphoric experiences, I live to share my impressions and revelations, hoping to bring something new in this life-adventure.

Beautiful art in tune with valuable stories is what it is all about. The connection between all we make, be it for kids, adults, or seniors, is a hidden value that could make it all a little better.

Animation Show – The 404 Show

Atanas transformed my idea into a powerful concept that took things to the next level in every possible way. He is a top creative mind who always aims to improve the product until it becomes art. He is deeply invested in everything he does, I love our collaboration and know that we will build great things together.

Maciej Moszoro

Entrepreneur / Business Coach / Director

2D Music Video – Promo Cartoon Animation

I needed a last-minute video done and I tell you after trying so many other animators, I am extremely happy I came across Atanas. He is simply an amazing person to work with. He truly cares about the project and its success. He goes above and beyond to deliver quality work. His communication is impeccable. He brought the project to life in such a small amount of time. We couldn’t be happier with the results. I have recommended him to my network of creatives and I will use him again. If you need an animator to give you top-notch results, this is your guy.

Brignel Camilien


Short Film / Commercial – Your Voice Matters

From start to finish, working with Atanas was an inspiring and enriching experience.
His creativity and deep understanding of the message I wanted to convey through the clip is fantastic. Atanas managed to turn my vision into a compelling visual story. The quality of his work speaks for itself.  The combination of carefully selected shots, fluid movements, and masterful editing has created a clip that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a lasting impact that has already generated much acclaim.

Susanne Koch

Voice Expert / Coach

Music / Spoken Word – Series of Animations

Atanas is the most professional, creative, and talented freelancer I have worked with. Mark my words, this gentleman will go far in his trade. His attention to detail and his craft are second to none. I highly recommend him – although I expect he will be too busy working on more projects with me!

Knomad Spock

Musician / Poet

Got an Idea?
Let’s hear it!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Whether you just want to say ‘hi’, share your concept with me, or discuss production, I would love to hear from you!

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