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This year has been very intense! Some amazing things came out of it, some not as successful as hoped, but all pieces of art, that pushed me to new boundaries and really gave me a better sense of the work we are doing, and the end goal.

The new show I’m talking about is called – 4o4-CashNotFound – and it is out on YouTube right now! Yeah, that’s right! You can go and watch the full 2 part pilot episode right now!

This was a wild experience that we will for sure document better and better as we go along.
It all started with finding this project that needed a Pixar-style editor on the team. I had no idea what would come out of it, it sounded like someone wasn’t well prepared for the production journey ahead and needed an expert on the full pipeline, so I decided to give it a shot. I spent 2$ or so to apply and we got to talking. Best money spent ever!

Fast forward 6 months and now we are building a new studio with multiple concepts. I found an amazing partner in this experience, a person I can trust and who brings the polar opposite of my skills to the team – business and marketing skills, large management, scaling, all the good stuff that I will buzz with a few words quickly.

This was also my fascination at the time, so the concept of the show really resonated with me. A show about gangsters who pivot and fail at business, it sounded hilarious! But the deeper I dove, the more scared I got, it was a mess, and the mess needed me. I pulled up my sleeves and got to work, we sat down and totally rewrote everything we had, to get it to what it is today.
We fell in love with the process, with our characters, and with the storytelling style, that is based on dark-humour and edgy situations.

We formed a team, I will leave those details for a future talk and published our full-blown pilot.
Now we keep growing this IP and we hope to make something out of it, that will bring you laughs and relaxation, helping you relive the dumb you from the past and to be aware of the issues that are to come, in your business struggle.

I hope this resonates with your vibe, we’re putting an enormous amount of fine-tuning to try and get it there. Let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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